The Best Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine: Which Brand To Pick?

With so many different brands of coffee machines in the market, most buyers look for a kind of coffee maker. These buyers look at how good these coffee makers are and choose whether to buy the manual or the automatic one. Well, both are good as long as the coffee machine works properly and according to the wants of the user.

One of the most appealing brands and units nowadays is the Delonghi Magnifica, a bean-to-cup coffee machine. It is the brand’s unit of coffee machine that comes with a bean to cup preparation. Although it works manually, still you can prepare the exact taste that you want. There is no hassle with this coffee machine, pouring and tamping of beans are just applied.

Discover the different Delonghi models

You will have the other different models or units of Delonghi coffee machines, namely:

  • DeLonghi Dedica
  • DeLonghi Nescafe’ Dolce Gusto Jovia

These are among the units of DeLonghi that are the best selling in the market. However, the DeLonghi Magnifica is chosen as the best among them, being a rush coffee maker machine. A user can prepare an automated cappuccino and espresso in just minutes. If you are a creamy cup lover, the milk frother feature of the coffee machine makes you decide to buy this model.

The several adjustment settings of the bean-to-cup coffee machine make it the perfect coffee maker ever. Prepare a cup of coffee specialty like a pro barista using this unit of DeLonghi.


The key features

The key features of this bean-to-cup coffee machine have the following features:

  • Fully automated
  • Milk frother
  • Clean and easy to use adjustable settings
  • Soft-touch control panel setting
  • Fresh ground coffee beans brewer
  • Thermoblock
  • Energy saver
  • 13 burr grinder
  • 8 liters tank capacity
  • Removable brew unit

Your automated coffee brewing machine

Nothing can say that this coffee brewing machine fails its function to brew fresh and ground beans. What makes the users choose this unit is the easy and fast brewing system of the coffee machine. It is not just an automated coffee maker but has a customization setting of your choice of flavor. Anyone who plans to brew a strong coffee can make it.

The fully-automated coffee machine brewed the exact dose you prepared. The amount of ground and fresh beans poured in the grinder matters the taste of the brewed coffee. It depends on the user how strong the coffee is to be brewed. You also have all the control of the panel settings.

Generous water tank

Why does Delonghi being considered a generous water tank? It is the capacity of the water tank with 1.8 liters. Therefore, if you have visitors at home to prepare coffee for them, you can have it all brewed at one time. There is no need for you to wait for another minute to prepare more.

You can have it brewed at the same time in minutes. Enough water tank makes it an energy saver as well as the eco function of the coffee machine. Making coffee in minutes makes your life easier. Using this automated coffee machine, your coffee-making experience feels like a pro.