Makeup for makeup artists

As a makeup artist, you will want to use an excellent product. You can be very talented as a makeup artist, but if you do not use a good product, the results will be lower than optimal.

The brands you choose will depend on the price, the type of makeup art you make and preferably personal. Makeup artists usually have a privileged business for different products they use. It is important to make sure you choose products that work well together.

Depending on the type of work you make as a makeup artist, you will need different types of products. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Cosmetics: Beauty products that can be applied on the face, hands and body –
Makeup: beauty products designed specifically for the face
Natural: Designed for everyday use
Character: Designed specifically for characters in television, movie video and theater work. It can be used for the actors to look more elderly, younger, rich, poor, sick, wounded, alien, etc.,
Step: Makeup designed for actors or other performers on stage, where lighting creates specific challenges
Special effects: as the name involves the makeup required for special effects
Mode: Makeup specially designed for models presenting fashion
Glamor: Makeup of special events designed to make a fabulous person for an event
FIX: Makeup specially created to cover or camouflage scars, burns, skin problems or physical defigures.
If you are specialized in phase, special effects or corrective makeup, you will need more specialized makeup. Makeup designed specifically for the work it does. Makeup must be seen long distance and be able to withstand intense light. Fixing makeup must have a thicker cover than normal makeup. For fashion, glamor and more natural makeup, it’s easier to find the shelf products that will work well.

At the beginning of your makeup artistic career, it is advisable to join a cosmetics company. In doing so is a great way to make reducing your possible that you can use in your business. However, search for quality. Your customers expect excellent results and the use of makeup that stand out too quickly when you wear a bad reputation! Not what you want!