How to keep your jewelry beautiful

When you first receive a jewel, no matter how much it costs and what is made of you will love and cherish it. To help you treat, we put some tips together to help you keep it as beautiful as the day you received it.

Store jewelry

The main problem of silver jewelry is tarnishment. Tarniscile is an oxidation product that is caused to interact silver jewelry with oxygen and other chemicals. When worn regularly, the tarnishing of the Siilver jewelery does not occur, so when it is not used, silver jewelry must be stored carefully. Although the costume and fashion jewelry can not be as sensitive, it always needs to handle and store carefully to stay in good condition.

To keep your jewels free, it must be perfectly stored in a waterproof container or a plastic bag. If possible, all jewelry items must be enveloped first in velvet fabrics or pouch. Rather than putting all the jewels together, the individual items must be stored separately to avoid scratching.

Cleaning your jewelry

If your jewels are stored correctly when they are not worn, according to the tips from the previous section, you do not need to clean your jewelry very often. However, if an accumulation of dirt occurs, or the jewelry begin to lose the original shine or the chandelier, a neat cleaning will not hurt your jewelry and restore the original brilliance.

Silver jewelry, costumes and fashion can be cleaned with a soft dishwashing liquid diluted in water. All jewels must be rinsed with clean water after cleaning, then dried thoroughly with a dry cloth. To eliminate tarnishing of money, you can use a commercial silver diving liquid, a Polish paste or a Polish cloth. You must make sure there are no stones or spare parts and try to limit the expands of gemstones to the silver cleaners. If you have chosen commercial jewelry cleaning products, please read the instructions in the cleaning product before use.

General tips

To extend the life of your jewels and to keep it looking for what is better, the following general care tips help you.

Always protect your jewelry sharp shots, scratches, sunlight and extreme temperature Before storing necklaces, do not forget to redo the class to prevent nodes and kinks The jewels must be put last and removed first during the vinaigrette Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume, hairdressing deodorant, cleaning products, etc. Never go swimming in your jewelry – Chlorine in the pool can damage it Wear jewelry for appropriate tasks, avoid wearing rings when cleaning, gardening or performance of sports activities.