Elegant Rakshabandhan Gifts That Your Sister Will Love

The festival of Rakshabandhan is a sweet celebration of familial love. The bonds between siblings are special and remain unmatched throughout our lives. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is one day in the year when we take a moment to honour and protect this bond.

Rakshabandhan falls on the first full moon of Shravan every year. Sisters tie their brothers Rakhis as a form of protection and brothers promise the same in return. Brothers also show their love and appreciation with gifts for their beloved sisters at this festival. The most popular gifts given to sisters include flowers, clothes, and luxury chocolates. This Rakhi, if you are confused about what to gift to your older sister, there are many elegant options of Rakhi gifts to choose from.

If you are looking at skincare or perfume as options, Engage perfumes produces a range of stunning luxury perfumes for women and Dermafique is the ultimate skincare brand that your sister will love.

Luxury chocolates are an excellent gifting option when it comes to Rakhi. Made with exotic ingredients and unique flavours, luxury chocolates offer extraordinary experiences and bring pleasure and joy to its consumer. If your sister loves chocolates, there is a selection of delightful chocolates created by Fabelle Exquisite Chocolate that make for the perfect Rakhi chocolate gift.

Fabelle Chocolate Bars

Along with these excellent chocolate gift boxes, Fabelle also produces a spellbinding selection of luxury chocolate bars that go beyond chocolate. Layered with choco mousse, or featuring an array of the finest dry fruits and creams, Fabelle Chocolate Bars promise a delight in every bite.

Fabelle Ruby Gianduja

Ruby chocolate is a newly discovered fourth type of chocolate. Rare and divinely luxurious in taste, this chocolate is pink in colour. Fabelle Ruby Gianduja is a culmination of the fruity deliciousness of Ruby chocolate along with the creamy nuttiness of Hazelnut paste. Fabelle Ruby Gianduja comes in elegant pink packaging which makes it the most perfect gift for your sister on Rakhi.

Fabelle Tiramisu

Fabelle Tiramisu presents the popular coffee-flavoured dessert, Tiramisu, in a dense centre-filled chocolate bar. With an outer shell made of soft milk chocolate, Fabelle Tiramisu contains creamy coffee mousse and Mascarpone cheese which enthrals anyone who takes a bite. Fabelle Tiramisu is the right Rakhi gift if your sister is a dessert lover!

Fabelle Strawberry Cheesecake

Another luxurious chocolate bar from Fabelle, Fabelle Strawberry Cheesecake contains an outer layer of luscious milk chocolate and a centre filled with tangy strawberry jelly along with cream cheese filling. Bursting with sweet and tangy flavours, this chocolate bar is the ideal gift chocolate for Diwali if your sister loves dessert-inspired chocolates and is a cheesecake enthusiast.

Fabelle Single Origin Cacaos

Sisters who love dark chocolate must be gifted the Fabelle Single Origin Cacaos. A fine collection of six luxury dark chocolate bars made from 6 individual cacao-growing regions in the world. Have your sister indulge herself in the most divine dark chocolate bars made from regions such as Ghana, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Madagascar among others.

Fabelle Ganache

Fabelle Ganache is a luxury chocolate box filled with decadent milk chocolate cubes that are decorated with cocoa powder. Fabelle Ganache is an excellent gift for someone who enjoys simple yet premium chocolate, without any frills or nuts.