eCommerce Strategies to Max on Sales this Festive Season

COVID-19 prompted a boom in internet purchases, and many customers are expected to continue to do so. In truth, according to September 2021 poll data, consumers want to split their purchases 50/50 between online and in-store. Amazon, Walmart and Target, are already leveraging convenience to maintain their slice of the wallet.

However, there are additional aspects to consider. Shopping patterns are shifting quickly. Rumours of supply chain challenges and global shipping delays have prompted many customers to buy early or change their purchasing habits – 83 percent of shoppers plan to begin shopping before Thanksgiving this year.

Tips to Prepare for Successful Holiday Season Sales

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for and secure your digital footprint over the holidays.

1.    Concentrate on organic search ranking.

Many buyers begin their research online—on a smartphone or tablet—whether they are buying online or in-store. This is why it’s critical to keep track of and enhance your internet search ranking. Keep an eye on where you’re showing up as well. Moving from page two to page one, and even into the top ten, may drastically increase your sales.

2.    Investigate your sponsored search approach.

Buyers are strapped for time, and when it comes to search results, you just have seconds to attract their attention. The Christmas season is an excellent time to engage in a strong paid search campaign, but you must first determine what product qualities create value.

3.    Check to see if your product description pages are complete

Half-backed or conflicting product detail pages can ruin your bottom line, whether on Amazon or your site. All product detail pages in your e-commerce website should be thorough, correct, and appealing.

4.    Assess your SEO strategy and efforts.

During this turbulent time of year, the market is driven by emotions and demand in unanticipated ways. And that happens in any other normal season, which 2021 is not. Narrowing down to campaign aspects, like CPCs, is critical to getting a sense of how shifting demand, unexpected interest, or seasonal changes may drive customer spending.

5.    Keep an eye on inventory.

Keeping proper inventory levels is critical to holiday season success. You lose money when a shopper is willing to buy, and your commodity is out of stock, and you risk losing the customer as well.

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